About Us: Who is behind The Blooming Palm?

Hey, hey! We are the Guerra Family! 

We are based out of Puerto Rico. She enjoys showcasing the beauty of her little island. Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷 Her favorite part about rustic palm fronds is that a palm branch is a symbol of peace, and what a beautiful tangible reminder in our home for the world.

Every piece is unique, original, and naturally sun-dried & hand-crafted in Puerto Rico. It's an elegant statement piece for your home, a conversation starter for your coffee table, a way to create a space everyone will remember.

When Cristina isn’t working in her shop with her plants, you can find her enjoying the ocean and relaxing to the sound of the waves with a good book.

My favorite thing about this is that 10% of all profits go to single Moms in 15 countries. Talk about women supporting women! My sweet husband was raised by a single Mom and she did an amazing job so this is a subject close to my heart. Thank you for caring!