Hello! Lets get to know each other...

Hello! Lets get to know each other...

Oh my word HI!!!!!!!!!!


I am tickled PINK that you are reading this! Thanks for joining me on this new venture. If you ordered something from my shop, or are just browsing the site, you are a total rockstar & made my day. Let’s start!

Here are 15 fun and quirky facts about me:

•My favorite color is purple.

•My first job in high school was helping one of my mom’s friends make balloon arches & floral arrangements for quinceañera parties.

One of my most embarrassing moments was missing a flight because I was looking at Vogue & People magazines in a snack store at the airport. I was terrified of having to explain this to my parents if I didn't get to my destination, so I cried actual tears & begged the flight attendant to let me on a stand by. She did, crisis averted! 

I’m a 2 on the Enneagram & an ESFP, and boy do these describe me to a T! That means I’m spontaneous, energetic, fun-loving, and I take pleasure in the things around me (food, clothes, nature, animals, and especially people). I have a playful, open sense of humor and I like to draw out other people and help them have a good time.

I love cheesy chick flicks.

I lived in Taiwan for two years with my husband and our baby boy. I loved being adventurous and trying new things. Once I tried to order from a menu just blindly pointing at a drink (the menu was just all Chinese, no pictures) and they made me a smoothie with nothing but tomatoes and milk! Those who know me find this funny. Why? Because I’m don’t even like raw tomatoes! Haha

I lived abroad, in Germany, for a year in college working as an aupair/nanny & studying Deutch. I was only paid $100 a week but that was enough to have the best time and spend every weekend traveling all over Europe solo. I only wish I had known about this sooner. I would have done the nanny-thing for a whole year in a new country each time! I loved living in a new culture and learning the language and seeing how people live.

After college, I went to Russia for a month to live and serve at an orphanage. Best month ever!

When I type, I only use my first three fingers on both hands, which I’m faster at than using all ten.

Most heart pounding moment ever? Riding an elephant in Thailand WHILE holding my 6 month old baby boy in my arms. My hubby was supposed to hold him while I rode, but last minute I suddenly found myself being lifted onto the elephant with no time to hand over the baby. The cutest part was when I looked down and saw a baby elephant right beside his mommy--the elefant I was riding.

I was a triple citizen for the first 18 years of my life since my Dad is Colombian, Mom is American, and I was born in Guatemala. 

I love bacon and dark chocolate.

Public speaking = biggest fear. Even though I’m not shy as a person in general. I still become a complete introvert when a bunch of people are staring at me.

I won the “hot wings challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings in college. Why did I do it? My friends said it would be easy since I was raised in Mexico. But if I’m being honest, I think it was because a waiter in the restaurant said I couldn’t do it (he saw grown men cry after three wings). Nothing like a challenge to collect a new trophy or t-shirt! (*UPDATE – My mouth was on fire but I polished off the 12 wings in 4min & 15 sec, breaking the record for women in Michigan. I’m happy to report the waiter couldn’t believe his eyes.

My childhood nickname, given to me by my 3 brothers, was Cristeeneousus. Pronounced: Cris-Teen-Ee-Oh-Sus. Sounds like a disease.

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